The Blogs are moving to Stories on Instagram

  • Sophie 

Hello Readers,

So, a new era Is upon us, (well Your Space Today).

I started writing blogs in March 2016 and have enjoyed the feedback and how different ones have resonated with you, the readers or enabled you to work on managing a situation differently.

Whilst as you know I strongly encourage you to have “you” time, I feel that a 90 second story may be easier to check out and listen to, rather than read a blog?  But then again some of you may prefer to reading, as that is your style.  Both are ok, however, I thought it could be good to ‘change things up’.

The content that will be posted on Instagram I hope, will streamline over to Your Space Todays Facebook page too.

I do hope you continue to support Your Space Today and perhaps across both Social Media platforms.

I look forward to engaging with you over the next few years and hope to continue to provide helpful content to you, your friends and family.