Relax And Laugh

  • Sophie 

It feels to me that nowadays, people need permission to allow themselves to literally relax and laugh.

I know I often ask you questions in my blogs, and this one will be no different.

So todays question is when did you last allow yourself to Relax and Laugh and I mean a proper tear crying, bellyaching laugh. Or when did really allow yourself to relax, to switch off completely. To press the pause button and allow yourself to take a good amount of time out?

Maybe you are really lucky and are able to pinpoint those times out really easily – or maybe for some of you, it wasn’t so easy?

I appreciate this generation is often referred to as ‘always on’, but aren’t we all? Whether it’s a device pinging to say an email has arrived or a text message has come through or indeed your phone rang!

If we were to put our devices to onside, how about all the appliances in the house that beep at us, seeking our attention to tell us something has completed and now needs actioning.

I was relieved that my dishwasher opens the door automatically when the cycle finishes and doesn’t beep at me – I know, it’s a lifestyle problem. But what I am saying is that it can feel like there is always someone or something attracting our attention – sitting on our shoulders like judge and jury – or is that just me?

Well I know it isn’t, as many of my clients come in and share with the huge variety of demands that they have. Which can range from family duties, work duties, home duties etc.

Yes, we live in a modern world but how do we learn to switch off? How do we learn to take some time back for ourselves?

If we were to look at this in more detail, it can also be how do we share this with a partner, friend or housemate that actually we don’t want to do anything that evening and without appearing to be rude or upset them could include not doing anything with them too and that’s ok, really it is.

You’re reading this, so I am hoping that you have time to try out my next exercise…

Grab a pen and paper (or your device if you want to).

I would like you to draw two columns at the top of one column write Relax and the other column, yep you got it, write Laugh.

Now give yourself a few minutes and think of ways that you can relax; you may even be able to write how many minutes the relaxing task could need. For instance, you might work on your breath and think about doing 5 minutes at one minute intervals throughout the day.

Or it could be a soak in the bath which may be an hour, including running it and choosing your favourite bath oils and bubbles.

I would like you to do the same for the Laugh column. What makes you laugh, is it a quiz night in your local pub with friends, watching a film. Watching a few funny You Tube clips, or re-runs of Friday Night Dinners.

I have no idea what will be in your columns and you may not have come up with many ideas. But what I am hoping, is that you are now thinking about ways that you can relax and laugh, so at least it’s on your radar now, which is more than it was before you started reading this blog – so well done to you!

I challenge you to make an R and or L date night for yourself – because you sooooo deserve it!