Fancy A Walk?

  • Sophie 

At the beginning of the year, I realised that hitting 10, 000 steps a day was a tall order, particularly when I spend most of my day sitting down with clients. If I am not with clients, then I will be sitting at my desk, writing blogs, Facebook pages, updating my website or indeed reading both leisure and work related.

No, I am not asking you to feel sorry for me, I just noticed how nigh on impossible it would be for me to hit 10,000 steps.

So, I set myself a challenge… fortunately, this challenge started in February, when Spring is on its way, the days are gradually getting lighter and the weather generally wasn’t too bad.

Now, I have to say, that walking has never been a ‘thing’ for me and to be honest getting cold and potentially wet managed to stave off any interest or inclination in getting out and walking.

To start with, I walked a short distance and then as my eagerness and competitiveness (with myself) grew, I became more and more determined to hit my 10,000 steps.

Towards the end of the evening, it would not be unusual for me to do a few (ok, well quite a lot) of circuits around my home to get my last few steps in, in order to hit the 10,000 goal.

I soon realised how refreshing I found my walk. How I enjoyed noticing the change of the leaves or the new buds of spring. I particularly enjoyed the bluebells, which I noticed because I was walking. Had I been driving past, I wouldn’t have seen them because they were set back behind the hedgerow, they were easily missed in the car. The lambs were also a delight. How the wind changed the sound of the leaves, yes I really got down with nature and surprisingly began to really enjoy it – something that I would never have guessed could have happened.

One of the things that I did notice, was the space (literally) that it gave me to think things over or, look at things from different angels, or if I wanted to clear my mind then I would really concentrate on the surroundings around me. I have got to meet to many people in my community too which I am sure may never have happened.

I also began litter picking too, just doing my bit, as I feel deeply privileged to live so close to the country.

One of the books that I read, was, ‘Walk with your wolf”: Unlock your intuition, confidence & power with walking therapy by Jonathan Hoban.

This book is so easy to read and the exercised (which I tried out on my various walks) were really interesting, which got me thinking.

If you feel, counselling may be a bit too difficult for you right now, why not go for a walk or two. Notice how you feel before and after. Even you are feeling tempted why not borrow the above book from your local library.

There is a lot of research about how green spaces can help with heating and I am definitely converted with how being outside and having my space had a super healthy impact on my well-being so why wouldn’t you have the same results too?

I am not suggesting hitting 10,000 steps, but just a few and see how you benefit.